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who we are


who we are

The world is full of “firsts,” your first steps, first words, that ever frightening first day of school!

As we go about our day, we’ll have that first cup of coffee, first nod to our co-worker that morning, the first bite of our delicious lunch, maybe even fall in love for the first time.

At Rivaucci, we treasure all those “first” moments, but there is one above all others that we believe is the most important to our clients:

1st Impression!

Our goal is to produce the very best 1st impression to your customers, whether it be the 1st look to your film, 1st time they see your product, or the 1st glimpse of your new video game. Today more than ever that 1st impression is so important, in a world that’s instantly connected and everything that gets created comes under a microscope.

Here at Rivaucci we rely on our many years of experience in the film, TV and advertising industries to create unique and compelling content to engage your audience. We can cover all your needs from concept to final delivery.









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Our History

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Rivaucci was born by the many years experience from our founder Oscar Rivas in his time in the TV, Film and Advertising business and a small rendezvous crushing rocks with heavy equipment.

His career started in the Television business as an Avid editor for Telemundo’s first morning show “Esta Mañana” editing the daily news as well as special pieces focused on the entertainment industry, his main passion.

From that passion, he later moved to Los Angeles where his career in the Film business began. Oscar became a Script Supervisor on several award winning short films that were part of the USC master’s program. Here, he learned every facet of filmmaking as well as the inner workings of a professional set and got to interact with several directors as well as several key positions on set.

After his stint in LA, Oscar moved back home to Miami where he landed the position of Senior Editor at the hottest advertising agency at the time Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where he got to rub elbows and learn from some the advertising industries brightest minds, working for clients such as Burger King, Volkswagen, MINI Cooper and Miller Light to name a few.



Then came New York City, here Oscar became an independent Editor/Producer and he started his own production company Rivaucci, which focused on providing big companies and small businesses with high quality video production services at affordable costs that weren’t previously available.


What We do

What We do


The key to a successful production is being prepared. We take pre-production seriously and work with our clients to make sure we can meet any needs they might have during the production and post production process, as well as anticipate any hiccups that might arise along the way.



Our team of experienced filmmakers are a true asset to our production process. Along with our many years of production expertise, we always stay on the cutting edge with the latest technologies to give our clients the best range of creative options for their projects.


This is where it all comes together, and no one does it better than we do. We are master puzzle solvers and love crafting interesting and fascinating stories in the editing room. Tools may come and go, but the art of storytelling is an asset that gets better with time.


This is the cherry on top! This is what makes your project stand out leaps and bounds above the rest. Our design team is always looking to provide our clients with unique and original motion graphics to fit their projects needs, no cookie cutter pre made pies here!

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Who Needs us

Who Needs us


More and more movies are being made every single day thanks to the lowering costs of production, the one thing that distinguishes your projects from the rest is having a professionally made EPK that helps your film stand out and become successful.


Fans today are becoming more and more involved with their favorite shows and they are always looking to know more. Having a team documenting all the characters, story lines, and behind the scenes action will surely increase and maintain your target audience.


Gamers are a breed of their own, passionate, loyal and invested in their favorite properties or consoles. We provide the production arm to help produce engaging content that will unearth tidbits of information your fans are always clamoring for.


The YouTube generation is here and it keeps on growing! Original content is being created every single minute. We can provide the production expertise to all those talented individuals and brands looking to produce unique original content.


More and more people are creating wonderful products every single day. We’re here to help them show their consumers how their brand new product works, how cool it is, and why they should run out and buy it right now.


With the birth of the iPhone, came the age of the “apps.” Not all apps are created equal though, some are more innovative than others and having a video production team to help them showcase their app has become a crucial tool for the app’s success.

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