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Small Businesses and Cablevision

Last month we got the opportunity to edit a national spot for Cablevision over at the Butcher Shop (KBSP’s in-house post house.) 


There was a lot of footage to sift through, multiple revisions and lots of fun cutting the spot together and in the end, we have a cool spot to share with everyone.


This project was cut using FCP7, even though we’ve tried to give FCPX a chance, most facilities in NY can’t take the risk of using an untested piece of software when thousands of dollars are on the line. The main challenge when it came time to cut the spot was going though hours of footage trying to find the best takes of the best lines while trying to match them in tone and making sure the pieces of the puzzle fit together.


You might have a few takes that are great in terms of framing, but then the timing and tone are completely off, or good on time and tone, framing not so much.


The final product ended up striking a pretty good balance in the end with a pretty sincere message from Eve Danzeisen.




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