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MotorcyclePedia's Keg Motorcycle


This year, 2012, is starting out full of great news and amazing surprises. We’ve been hard at work the past couple of weeks working on some pretty cool projects, one of which we get to share with you today.


A few weeks ago, the lovely folks at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in, Newburgh, NY, founded by Ted Doering (Tedd Cycles, V-Twin mfg.) asked us to come in and record a set of interviews that the local newspaper (Times-Herald Record) was conducting on a Motorcycle rider called Lenny Bauer. Mr. Bauer was courageous enough to try and break the record of driving cross-country back in the ’70’s in his Harley-Davidson. One of the features of this bike, was the fact that Mr. Bauer decided to mount a beer keg in the back of his bike and use it as a fuel tank to help drive for longer distances before having to re-fuel.

Even though he was not successful in defeating the record, his unique motorcycle is definitely something worth talking about, and it’s in display at the museum. So, if you are ever in Hudson valley, near Newburgh, the Motorcyclepedia Museum is must stop, even if motorcycles are not your thing, you’ll find some fascinating things in there.


We’ll be sharing more projects with you soon, but in the meantime, check out Mr. Bauer and his friends talk about the experience of going cross-country and some of the challenges he faced. Enjoy!


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