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Hanging out at the Motorshop

Last month we had a chance to produce a video for V-Twin Manufacturing in a series of videos highlighting the employees that go to work everyday to bring vintage motorcycles back to life.


While most of the setups were pretty straight forward, there were a couple of fun challenges to overcome. In order to capture some new interesting shots in hard to reach places, we used our new GoPro Hero 2 camera, the most challenging part was making sure we didn’t ruin the camera while getting a shot inside the soda blaster, the result was simply great.


Lighting was another one of the challenges, we filmed inside a 200,000 square foot warehouse where work continued to take place and house fluorescent lights could not be turned off. Most of the broll was shot using available light, when it came time to do the interviews however, we used a 500W soft box, a hair light and an ePhoto 900 LED 3/4 light. This setup allowed us to add a little bit of warmth to the shots while adding a slight highlight.


We shot using our trusty Nikon D7000, with the TessinFlat picture profile, this allowed us plenty of room to work with when it came time to do color correction.


In the past couple of months we’ve been trying out different editing programs to decide which direction we should take in the future. We’ve worked with Adobe Premiere, FCP7, and FCPX, and what we’ve found is that they all have their strong points depending on what kind of videos you are creating.


For this video, we decided to go with FCPX, simply because we needed to have a fast turnaround, and being able to sync the audio, edit, mix and color correct all in one program made FCPX the program of choice. It wasn’t without it’s own challenges however, there were a few crashes, but thankfully the autosave always worked and none of the work was ever lost.


Overall this was a fun project with fun people, we got to try a couple of new toys and continued to learn from different challenges that we faced in a new location.


Here is the video, enjoy!

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